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Mumbai murder mystery cracked

By Shiva Kumar N D DH News Service Bangalore:

A suspected killer spilled the beans when he was subjected to narcoanalysis, brain finger-printing and polygraph tests in Bangalore.


The case of sensational murder of gynaecologist Dr Asha Goel, an NRI from Canada , in Mumbai has been solved after 20 months following relentless pressure on the police by the broken-hearted family of the victim.


Though the crime took place in Mumbai, the critical narco-analysis test was done in Bangalore a few days ago on one of the assailants, who has revealed vital clues about the crime to the investigators.


Dr Asha Goel was found murdered in the house of her brother Suresh Agarwal on the 14th floor of Sudhar building in Malabar Hill, Mumbai, on August 23, 2003. A diamond ring, a necklace, Rs 11,000 and a mobile phone were missing.


On September 3, Pradeep Prabhakar Parab alias Jadia, manager of Agarwal's guest house in Bhuleshwar, was arrested in connection with the murder. Initially, he confessed to his involvement in the crime and also named Suresh Agarwal as the chief conspirator. But he did a volte-face in the court. Parab was released on bail in April 2004. But in the meantime, Agarwal died a natural death.


Tests in City


The Mumbai crime branch sleuths brought Parab and three others - Shinde, Jayaprakash and Santhosh Kumar - to Bangalore last week to subject them to the scientific tests.


Polygraph, brain finger-printing and narco-analysis tests were conducted on Pradeep and polygraph test was conducted on the other three.


Pradeep reportedly confessed during the narco-analysis test that Suresh Agarwal had given Rs 50,000 to four persons - Goenka, Shinde, Pradeep, and another unidentified man - to kill his sister.


The slain doctor wanted all her three brothers to share the ancestral property equally. But Suresh Agarwal and his brother Subhash Agarwal, a resident of Canada , did not want to share the property with their other brother Shekhar, residing in Los Angeles .


When Asha Goel objected to this, Suresh reportedly hatched a conspiracy to eliminate her with the support of his brother's manager in India , Goenka.


On that night, the assailants had come to Suresh's house in a car.


The houses of Suresh and Subhash were adjacent to each other and had a common door. The assailants gained entry into the Suresh's house through the Subhash's house. They crushed Asha's head and stabbed her 20 times.


Asha's son Sanjay Goel, a Canadian national, has left no stone unturned trying to find his mother's killers. After the tragedy, he has visited India 10 times, while his father came here three times, over the last two years.