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Ottawa officials urged to arrest alleged murderer of prominent Canadian doctor


VANCOUVER, July 24, 2007 / CNW /


The family of a prominent Canadian doctor who was brutally murdered in India 4 years ago is urging Canadian officials to act on the arrest warrant that has been issued for the person responsible for the

murder of their mother.


Dr. Asha Goel, an obstetrician with a distinguished four-decade-long career in Saskatchewan and Ontario was visiting family in Mumbai, India in August of 2003 when she was found dead in her brother's home with massive injuries which included multiple stab wounds and a cerebral brain hemorrhage.


Following an exhaustive investigation by Indian police, Asha Goel's two brothers were accused of being part of a group who conspired to have her killed.


One brother has since died. The second, Subhash R. Agrawal has since been granted Canadian citizenship - this despite the fact that Canadian officials were aware at the time, of the investigation into Agrawal's alleged participation in the planning of Dr. Goel's murder.


Four people alleged to have been involved in the conspiracy to kill Asha Goel are set to go on trial in India next month. Indian police want Subhash Agrawal extradited to face charges.


Subhash Agrawal remains a free man, living in the Ottawa area and Justice officials are refusing to act on an Interpol arrest warrant.


Asha Goel's children are dismayed by the lack of action on behalf of the Canadian government.

Dr. Goel's son, Vancouver businessman Sanjay Goel has pleaded for Ottawa to act. "It's time to get to the truth in this matter", say Goel. "It's patently wrong that the man accused of being responsible for the murder of my mother is free to walk the streets in Canada with officials in this country refusing to act on an Interpol arrest warrant issued following an exhaustive 4 year investigation by Indian police."


This case is receiving an increasing level of media attention throughout Canada. This is due in part to the fact that the Indian trial date for the four alleged conspirators is rapidly approaching and Indian Police are continuing to ask for assistance from Canadian officials in the arrest and extradition of Subhash Agrawal.


For further information: Sanjay Goel is available to speak with the media and can be contacted through Dean Mailey (604) 218-6767 or Madelaine Hatch (604) 720-5185