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Ottawa police chief orders review of 2003 international homicide investigation



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OTTAWA — Chief Charles Bordeleau has ordered a review of the Ottawa Police Service’s role in the murder investigation of an Ontario doctor who found stabbed and beaten to death in her brother’s apartment in India in 2003.


Dr. Asha Goel was photographed at her daughter Seema’s wedding weeks before he was killed in Mumbai, India, in 2003.
Dr. Asha Goel was photographed at her daughter Seema’s wedding weeks before he was killed in Mumbai, India, in 2003.Dr. Asha Goel was the chief obstetrician at the Headwaters Health Centre in Orangeville when she travelled to Mumbai to visit her sick brother, Suresh Agrawal.


Indian investigators alleged that Suresh conspired with his brother in Ottawa, Subhash Agrawal, and four other men to kill their 62-year-old sister.


Nine years later, Bordeleau said the case is being reviewed after a former Ottawa officer told the CBC that his superiors told him not to investigate the case further.


“I have ordered a review based on news stories that have appeared on CBC involving a retired Ottawa Police Service officer,” Bordeleau told the Citizen via email Friday evening. “That is all we have to say at this point.”


Former homicide investigator Ken Doyle told the CBC that he was “extremely embarrassed and disappointed” that he was ordered to assist Goel’s family but not actually investigate the case further. He said he was “really disturbed” by the case.


“Because your hands are tied from the onset. I was instructed through our chain of command that we were not going to conduct an official investigation,” Doyle told the CBC.


Goel’s immediate family told the Citizen in 2007 that she had been trying to solve a dispute between her three brothers over their father’s estate, worth as much as $12 million.


At the time, Subhash Agrawal told the Citizen that no amount of money or property would entice him to kill his sister, whom he loved dearly.


“No one in the family would have murdered her,” he said.


Indian authorities had issued a warrant for his arrest and Interpol had also issued a red notice to assist in locating and arresting the suspect.Doyle, then a sergeant, said Ottawa police could not act until Indian police obtained an extradition warrant.


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